Video Stories From Patients

Patients of Dr. Timothy Tollestrup have shared some insights in their journeys to pain-free living in these video testimonials:


Katie’s Determined to Get Out of Her Wheelchair with Dr. Tollestrup’s Help

Marty’s Story – Low Back Pain Healed

Dr. Tollestrup healed Marty’s lingering back pain with peripheral nerve surgery. Now he’s focused on relieving thigh pain that started after hip replacement surgery. His orthopedic surgeon says thigh pain for a year is “normal”. Dr. Tollestryp disagrees. Watch Marty’s story

Lydia’s Story – Failed Back Surgeries Lead to Successful Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Lydia suffered from pain in her leg, hip and low back. Two back surgeries did not help. Then Dr. Tollestrup performed peripheral nerve surgery. Now she can play with her grandkids again. Watch her sweet story of hope.


Vincent’s Story – Post Surgical Hernia Pain Gone

Vincent was in constant pain after Hernia Surgery. He was constantly taking medication and using gel packs.
Dr. Tollestrup surgically disconnected nerves in the lateral abdominal area where there was no scar tissue. This cut off the pain signal to the brain.
Vincent is back to enjoying his active life again.

Deborah’s Story – Sciatica Pain Gone

Deborah suffered from sciatica pain that sidelined her from all of her favorite activities. The pain was so intense she couldn’t climb stairs or sleep. She saw four orthopedic surgeons but none could solve her pain problem. Finally, Dr. Tollestrup removed her Piriformis Muscle and decompressed her sciatic nerve. Now she is pain-free.

 Spencer is back in the game now that his sciatica pain is gone. Watch his story. 

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Meet April*

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Meet James*

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Meet Randy*

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Meet Frank*

Learn more about how Dr. Tim Tollestrup helped Frank overcome an IED injury.

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