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Disconnecting Nerves During Nerve Surgery Relieves Pain After Three Failed Hip Revisions

Margaret Botts shares her story of recovery after successful nerve surgery. Her hope is to educate others with similar problems so they too can enjoy relief.

Three Hip Revision Surgeries Yet No Relief

Stating in 2014 my left hip replacement from 2000 was beginning to deteriorate. Initial discomfort was significant and it led to a first hip revision.  After that revision, Physical Therapy and weak bones resulted in so much damage that it required a second revision.

The pain continued to increase as did the need for opioids.  After the second revision, it was discovered that I was allergic to the Ni in the steel parts and severe allergic reactions were occurring around the hip causing even more pain.  I then had a third revision wherein all stainless steel was removed and only Titanium was used.  The pain continued.

“My journey back to a healthy body and mind was a difficult one. I am so grateful to Dr. Tollestrup for saving my life or should I say my quality of life. Bear with me as my story is long!


Life Changing Pain Leads to Depression

I had little life outside of sitting and laying down. My number one hobby, golf, was impossible.  Travel and sightseeing, which have been a major part of our lives, also came to halt.  My very active husband with whom we had done everything together was on his own.  The pain, even, with strong opioids, was debilitating.

Mentally I reached the point where I failed to believe I would ever be well again.  I was depressed to the point of having to be put on antidepressants.  While helping they did not bring me back to the positive, happy person I had been all my life.

Seeking Answers, Finding None

My surgeon, who is a terrific orthopedic doctor, had no answers for the pain.  The use of a strong bone growth medication had done a great job in getting the bones strengthened so that the new appliances were stable.  However, the repeated trauma to the hip caused the pain to accelerate and continue.

I went to five doctors about the pain and they all suggested. “I might have to learn to live with it.”  The last doctor threw up his hands but said he had heard of a doctor that was successfully treating pain and I might want to try him, Dr. Tollestrup.

Surgical Solution Thanks to Dr. Tollestrup

I called Dr. Tollestrup for an appointment immediately. He diagnosed the problem at my first visit in less than 15 minutes.

I had nerve surgery where Dr. Tollestrup disconnected nerves followed. The first surgery eliminated all pain down the side of my leg.  After the second surgery, my pain was instantly gone and my life was back.  I am still in PT gaining the strength back that I lost over nearly 4 years of inactivity and medication.  Dr. Tollestrup saved my life.  I am back into golf (so far on the driving range) and have most of my mobility back—best of all I am pain AND opioid-free.

Pain relief is a specialty expertise that few doctors understand.  I tell people to get a diagnosis by Dr. Tollestrup if pain problem is without a clear cause and persists. What do you have to lose?

I can’t imagine where I would be today if I hadn’t contacted Dr. Tollestrup and experienced his magical diagnosis and fix.  He likely saved my life or at least the productive life I had had prior to the first revision surgery.”

Margaret B.

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