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Migraine Headaches Gone Thanks to Nerve Surgery with Dr. Tollestrup

Nerve Surgery Resolves Migraine Headaches for Michael

Chronic or Migraine headaches are another area that Dr. Tim Tollestrup focuses on for peripheral Nerve Surgery. Injury or compression to nerves in the back of the neck/head or in the front of the face by the eyes are a common, and severely under-recognized cause of migraine headaches.

Michael Slate is a patient of Dr. Tollestrup who suffered from migraine headaches for most of his life. Then he met Dr. Tollestrup who performed two nerve decompression surgeries. Now he is pain free. He shares his story on hopes of reaching others like him.

Michael came to see Dr. Tollestrup with a history of chronic headaches.  There was no history of trauma or surgery to the neck or head prior to the onset of the headaches. His headaches always seem to start below the left ear and then extend up into the base of the skull progressing up over the left ear.  Over the last couple of years the headaches have become much worse and are now essentially constant. When the headache is at its worst, it can get up to a 10/10 in severity.

Michael has been worked up by neurology for this problem and is currently being treated in a pain management. Unfortunately none of the medical or procedural interventions tried have given him any significant relief. Michael also has a MRI of the cervical spine which did not show any narrowing.

Patient relieved of debilitating migraine headaches after peripheral nerve surgery with Dr. Tollestrup

Migraine Headaches gone after nerve decompression surgery with Dr. Tollestrup*

After Dr. Tollestrup examined him, he blocked the nerve with some local anesthetic and the headache immediately went away. It was the first time in several years that he had not had his usual 24/7 headache. Based on the block result, Michael underwent a surgical decompression of the nerve. This resulted in resolution of his constant headache.

Michael shared this quote with us to explain his life now.

“I have had migraines for about 40 years and have seen several doctors visited several pain clinics and each time I was given either medications shots or a combination of both. With one visit to Dr. Tollestrup I knew that I had found someone who could help me after two surgeries my headaches are gone it’s nights not to have to take pain medication all the time I want to thank Dr. Tollestrup for his professionalism and expertise and taking care of my migraines.”

Dr. Tollestrup explains how he treats migraine headaches in this post .

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic or migraine headaches Dr. Tollestrup can help. Call the office at 702-666-0463 to schedule an appointment.


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