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Denervation Surgery Heals Patient Suffering from a Failed Morton’s Neuroma Excision

Denervation Surgery Heals Patient After a Failed Morton’s Neuroma Excision

Ronald is a 72-year-old gentleman who underwent an excision of a Morton’s neuroma through an incision on the top of his foot. The doctor who did the original surgery cut out the “neuroma” of the nerve on the bottom of the foot that goes to the second webspace. The procedure was complicated by a postoperative wound infection with MRSA which took months to heal.

Morton's Neuroma Patient

Denervation surgery helped Ronald get back on his foot after failed Morton’s Neuroma surgery.*

Ronald went on to develop chronic severe pain in the ball of the left foot. He subsequently had a second attempt at re-excision of the true neuroma via an approach through the ball of the foot. Unfortunately, this did not improve his pain. In fact, the pain became wore worse and spread rapidly, eventually involving most of the ball of the foot and the first three toes.

At this point, Ronald came to see Dr. Tim Tollestrup who formulated a surgical plan to excise the neuroma once and for all.

Dr. Tollestrup operated on him via an approach through the non weight bearing arch of the foot. Once he cut into the foot, he found the damaged nerves, disconnected them and then sewed on nerve grafts to the end of the native nerves to prevent painful neuromas from forming again.

Five months post op, Ronald came to see Dr. Tollestrup. His quote to Dr. Tollestrup was that his foot is “1000% better.” He is able to walk again without the severe constant pain that he had before surgery.

For patient’s who have failed Morton’s neuroma surgery, there is now a very good surgical option to treat the pain. This novel approach involves making an incision in the non weight bearing arch of the foot. The surgeon then identifies the injured nerves and disconnects them far enough back that they are no longer located in the weight bearing area of the foot. Nerve allografts are then sewn onto the ends of the native nerves which prevents the formation of another painful neuroma resulting in the elimination of the debilitating chronic pain associated with this problem.

For patients who have failed Morton’s neuroma surgery, this surgical option can literally change their lives, just like it did Ronald’s!


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