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Different Categories of Pain-Focused Peripheral Nerve Surgeries

Dr. Tollestrup explains the wide range of pain-focused peripheral nerve surgeries he performs to help patients from all over the world overcome chronic pain conditions previously considered untreatable.

“Some patients have had serious trauma and have complex peripheral nerve problems involving multiple nerves at multiple levels.

Sometimes you end up doing a collection of procedures or coming up with some kind of approach that you may not ever do again or do very rarely.

Most people have problems that fall into basic categories and it’s just a question of figuring out what their problem is and then applying an operation that you’ve done many times.”

Here are five of the more common pain-focused peripheral nerve surgeries Dr. Tollestrup performs on a regular basis:

1. Piriformis Muscle Removal Surgery

2. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

3. Superior Cluneal Nerve Removal Surgery

4. Meralgia Paresthetica – Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Removal

5. Peripheral Neuropathy

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