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How can peripheral nerve surgery benefit the podiatric surgeon? By providing effective solutions for:

  • Failed Morton’s neuroma surgery.
  • Failed or redo tarsal tunnel surgery.
  • Patients who develop chronic pain after a podiatric surgical procedure.
  • Patients who continue to experience pain despite appropriate podiatric treatment.
  • Patients with chronic pain after trauma.
  • Patients with significant peripheral neuropathy symptoms.
  • Difficult to diagnose pain problems in the lower legs and feet.

Working closely with Podiatrists, Dr. Tim Tollestrup helps patients feel better.

Bottom Line – for podiatric patients who fall into any of the categories listed above, the most likely cause of the pain is a difficult or unrecognized peripheral nerve problem. Rather than banishing these patients to the pain management realm, a referral for a comprehensive peripheral nerve evaluation will usually result in a definitive diagnosis and surgical plan that eliminates the pain rather than consigning the patient to a lifetime of narcotic use.

Peripheral nerves live in close association with bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The trauma which produces injury to these types of structures and the surgery necessary to repair it carry with them a high risk of concomitant injury to peripheral nerves. The overriding feature of peripheral nerve damage is severe, unrelenting pain. Due to a general lack of experience and detailed knowledge of peripheral nerve anatomy, most lower extremity surgeons do not feel comfortable diagnosing or treating complex peripheral nerve problems. Incorrect diagnoses or poor surgical planning or execution can lead to failure or even make the original problem significantly worse. In some cases, symptoms in the lower leg and foot may be due in whole or in part to peripheral nerve lesions which are located more proximal than podiatrists typically operate.

In general, if your patient continues to experience pain, sensory loss, or motor weakness even after all the musculoskeletal issues have been addressed, they are most likely suffering from some type of peripheral nerve injury. Before sending them off to pain management, consider a peripheral nerve consultation to see if there might be an option for eliminating the pain for good.

Patient Success Stories

We enjoy sharing patient success stories to show those that are looking for help that people with similar circumstances were able to get help and that help made a difference. The following are instances where we were able to make a difference in a patient’s life:

Gail – Failed Morton’s Neuroma Surgery
Marshal – Nerve Compression Syndrome (Foot Drop)

You can see read other success stories and see of videos of patients we’ve helped, to learn more about our practice’s efforts on behalf of our patients.

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