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About Dr. Tim Tollestrup

Dr. Tim Tollestrup, MD Peripheral Nerve Surgeon in Las Vegas

Timothy W. Tollestrup, M.D., graduated from the University of Utah’s School of Medicine. Prior to this, Dr. Tollestrup also received a Master’s in Public Health from the same institution. In the years following medical school, he went on to complete his residency training in general and trauma surgery at Saint Louis University Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. After garnering an additional year of experience practicing as a trauma surgeon, He furthered his surgical training as a fellow for one year at the Dellon Institute for Peripheral Nerve Surgery.
Following his time in St. Louis, Dr. Tim Tollestrup continued his training in Houston, Texas where he completed a fellowship in hand, reconstructive and microsurgery at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. Tollestrup currently runs his own clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, focusing 100% of his practice on peripheral nerve surgery, which includes issues stemming from such conditions as diabetic neuropathy, compression neuropathies (carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, tarsal tunnel, etc.) nerve trauma, chronic joint pain, chronic groin pain and migraines.

Outside of the operating room, Dr. Tollestrup is an adjunct assistant professor at Touro University, Nevada. He also devotes his time to lecturing, researching and writing about peripheral nerve surgery and related topics. Recently, he co-authored a research article that appeared in the Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery. Also, he currently continues to collaborate with Dr. Lee Dellon, founder, and director of the Dellon Institutes, on surgical procedures and other relevant practices in the field of peripheral nerve surgery.

A native of British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Tollestrup currently resides in Las Vegas. He is married to his wife Madeline, and they have four children. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, reading, fishing, and spending time with his family.

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Nevada’s Peripheral Nerve Surgeon

Dr. Tim Tollestrup is a surgeon based in Southern Nevada that helps patients resolve nerve issues that often have been misdiagnosed or considered untreatable.

Nerve surgery procedures done by the Tollestrup team can provide permanent relief and long-term solutions to a myriad of chronic pain problems, previously considered to be untreatable. These procedures have led patients to call him a “life saver” and a “quality of life saver.”

This specialized field of peripheral nerve surgery is the missing piece in the chronic pain puzzle and unknown to 99.9% of medical professionals that do not possess a detailed knowledge of peripheral nerve anatomy or have any specialized, comprehensive training in recognizing, diagnosing, or treating these kinds of complex pain problems.

The efforts, and accompanying results for patients that have been helped by Dr. Tollestrup are best summed up by those he’s helped overcome pain and quality of life issues through peripheral nerve surgery.

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