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Most doctors prescribe short-term remedies, including pain killers, we use surgical techniques to treat pain. Learn more.

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Stories from Dr. Tollestrup & Our Patients

Chronic Pain After SurgeryDr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerynews and eventssuccess storiesvideos
February 19, 2020

Ten Years of Nerve Pain Healed Through Peripheral Nerve Surgery

William suffered for 10 years and tried every treatment imaginable to relieve nerve pain in the left perineal area. Finally, a doctor near his hometown of Washington D.C. referred him…
disconnecting nervesDr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgerynews and eventsPatient Storiespiriformis syndromesuccess storiesvideos
February 10, 2020

Lucy’s Long Healing Journey to Overcome Piriformis Syndrome

Lucy saw three spine surgeons and three neurologists for the pain and numbness in her buttocks and legs. None of them could diagnose let alone treat her effectively. After hearing…
arthoplastyChronic Pain After SurgeryFailed Hip or Knee Surgeryknee replacementnews and eventsPatient Storiespiriformis syndromevideos
January 31, 2020

Persistent Knee Pain After Knee Replacement Surgery

Frances endured three knee surgeries yet her excruciating pain remained. In fact, it was getting worse with each surgery. No doctor would touch her including the orthopedic surgeon who did…
Dr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blognews and eventsPatient Storiespiriformis syndromeSciatica Pain/Piriformis Syndromesuccess storiesvideos
November 15, 2019

Piriformis Syndrome Explained: A Vlog from Dr. Tim Tollestrup

In this video blog Dr. Tim Tollestrup outlines everything you need to know about Piriformis Syndrome starting with sciatica pain, diagnosis and treatment options. Dr. Tollestrup pioneered the surgery to…
Dr. Tollestrup Blognews and eventsPatient Storiespiriformis syndromesuccess storiesvideos
November 4, 2019

Global Reach: Dr. Tollestrup Operates on Chronic Pain Patients from all over the World

Nissrin is a chronic pain patient from Baghdad, Iraq. For years she suffered from Piriformis Syndrome pain. Desperate for relief she researched online and found Dr. Tim Tollestrup in Las…
Dr. Tollestrup Blognews and eventspiriformis syndromesuccess storiesvideos
October 24, 2019

Overcoming Piriformis Syndrome Pain Through Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Barbara's healing journey after Piriformis Muscle removal surgery was long and difficult. But thanks to her tenacity and Dr. Tollestrup's skill and dedication she is back at full strength. Now…
news and eventspiriformis syndromesuccess storiesvideos
September 23, 2019

Piriformis Syndrome Healed with Nerve Surgery

Susan suffered from glute pain for years but could not find relief. Then a series of circumstances led her to Dr. Tollestrup which she calls "a miracle." He removed her…
Chronic Pain After SurgeryDr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup BlogNerve Surgerynews and eventsPatient Storiessuccess storiesvideos
August 29, 2019

Young Teen Gets His Life Back with Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Brennan's story is one of the most powerful we have shared. In the prime of his life, this young athlete could barely walk after groin hernia surgery. During that surgery,…
Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)CRPSsuccess storiesvideos
August 22, 2019

How Robin Beat CRPS with Peripheral Nerve Surgery

After a surgical biopsy to remove a mass, Robin had horrible, burning pain in her hand and arm. A doctor in her hometown in Idaho diagnosed with her Complex Regional…