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Most doctors prescribe short-term remedies, including pain killers, we use surgical techniques to treat pain. Learn more.

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Dr. Tim Tollestrup is one of only a select few surgeons in the United States providing a different approach to treating pain. Learn more.

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Stories from Dr. Tollestrup & Our Patients

back painDr. Tollestrup Blogvideos
January 14, 2019

Low Back Pain Caused by Superior Cluneal Nerve Entrapment

In this video blog, Dr. Tollestrup explains how low back pain is not always caused by a spine problem. Patients with a clear MRI and pain on the side of…
leg pain surgery Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaFoot Pain/Failed Morton’s Neuroma Surgeryvideos
January 14, 2019

Former Athlete Finds Relief from Leg and Foot Pain

As an ex-athlete, Willie thought he could ignore the stabbing leg and foot pain. But he couldn't sleep at night and was irritable and unproductive during the day. He knew…
nerve surgery pain free Chronic Pain After Surgery/Traumavideos
January 14, 2019

Back to Square Dancing Thanks to Nerve Surgery

Susan saw more than a dozen doctors to get relief for her leg pain. No one could solve her pain problem. Luckily she never gave up the hope of finding…
nerve pain surgery piriformis syndromevideos
January 14, 2019

Pain Free Life Found Through Surgery for Piriformis Syndrome

Cathy was terrified by the idea of living the rest of her life in debilitating pain. No one could diagnose her problem until she met Dr. Tim Tollestrup. He removed…
nerve pain surgery piriformis syndromevideos
January 14, 2019

Back and Leg Pain from Scorpion Sting Alleviated

Beverly was bitten by a Scorpion that left her with horrible back and leg pain. Many doctors told her the pain was in her head. She knew better. She never…
nerve pain surgery Chronic Pain After Surgery/Traumavideos
January 14, 2019

Surgery Helps Officer Get Back to Work After Watercraft Accident Injury

Ronald is a deputy sheriff injured on the job. He shattered his whole left side and had several ribs plated. For over a decade he dealt with the debilitating pain…
Dr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blogvideos
December 11, 2018

The Difference Between Peripheral Nerve Surgery and Pain Management

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Aims for Long-Term Solutions Dr. Tollestrup compares what he does and what pain management doctors do for patients with chronic pain. His patients not only feel different…
Dr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blogvideos
December 11, 2018

Dr. Tollestrup’s Love of Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Nerve Surgeon Discusses What Matters Most to Him with His Work Dr. Tim Tollestrup describes his love of surgery and the intellectual challenge of Peripheral Nerve Surgery. He is always…
peripheral neuropathyvideos
December 11, 2018

Chronic Pain Patients Thank Dr. Tollestrup for Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Helps Those with Pain Feel Better Patients of Dr. Tim Tollestrup describe how he changed their lives through peripheral nerve surgery. Frank was addicted to opioid medication,…