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Meralgia Paresthetica Pain Relieved with Nerve Surgery

John had burning and numbness in his thighs and hips. After 10 years of pain and frustration, he found Dr. Tim Tollestrup who diagnosed him with Meralgia Paresthetica. Dr. Tollestrup successfully denervated and decompressed the nerves on both sides. Watch John’s story.

Full Transcript:

John B.:

It got so bad that I used to get up in the morning at 6:00 and work straight through physical stuff, working in the yard, cleaning house, cleaning cars, weekends. I could only maybe do that for an hour, an hour and a half before I had to sit down to completely get the pain away. It slowed me down tremendously that I could not accomplish what I once did and I was feeling old. I was feeling like I was getting old at a younger age.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup:

Meralgia Paresthetica is one type of a peripheral nerve problem that either through a decompression or disconnecting the nerve, you can virtually resolve that pain in 100% of patients. It’s a very, very successful operation for that problem. There’s no cookie cutter approach to these kinds of problems. You really have to take each patient as they come and sort of figure out the issues that they have and then develop a surgical plan based on what the nerve pathology is.

On one side, the nerve looked still pretty healthy and so I was able to just do a simple decompression procedure where you basically cut through tissue that’s tightly pressing on the nerve to open the space up and that resolves the problem. But on the other side, the nerve had been quite badly damaged from the severe compression over a long period of time and so in a situation like that, in order to have a good outcome from the surgery, it’s better to disconnect the nerve and so that’s what I did on that side.

John B.:

I can work from midnight to midnight and not have to sit down to rest. I am extremely grateful for his experience and for his knowledge about how to rectify. Now, because of it I have my life back.

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