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Work Comp Patient Suffers with Injured Groin Nerves

My name is Eduardo Mosquera and this is my story.

My story starts June 5th, 2016. I was working. I have a work injury. It took me a year to get hernia surgery. Later on I continued with my pain. I sent to different doctor, give me some shots. The shots never helped me. He told me he’s 100% sure that he can help me. And I said, “Let’s go, let’s go” because I was in pain for five years straight.

I got my surgery September 14th, and today I’m free of pain. I will have this pain here. Even my personal life with my wife affected me. I cannot even have a relation with my wife because of the pain. And now, I mean, I’m thankful, life is coming a little bit back to normal. It will take time. I can bend without having that pain. I can play with my grandkid.

I should’ve got this five years ago when my accident happened, not get the run around, send me here, send me there. I will say, thank you so much. I spoke to him my last visit and I said, “Thank you so much.” My life is coming back. I can have a relation with my wife. I can be free of pain. It’s hard to live in pain.

Come to Dr. Tollestrup, he will fix you. He will take care of you. If you’re in my situation, I recommend you to ask for him, tell your lawyer, recommend me to this doctor. I told him, I promised him that if he took my pain away I will cook some Cuban food for him and I will bring the Cuban food for him.


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