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Chronic Pain Eliminated by Nerve Decompression Surgery

Surgery Helps Patient Get Relief and Get Off Narcotics


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Five years ago, Raymond was in a terrible car accident. He was at a stop when his compact Toyota pest-control truck was rear-ended by a suburban traveling approximately 65 mph. Fortunately, the only injury was a laceration to his forehead.

Almost immediately, however, Raymond became aware of significant pain involving the left thigh and calf. In addition, the left first, second, and third toes were painfully numb.

As time passed, Raymond’s symptoms worsened. He started experiencing pain radiating down the leg and a painful numbness on the left foot. He also has significant pain and numbness in the ball and toes of the left foot as well. Raymond also had pain in the deep left buttock as well as the posterior thigh. When the left buttock pain becomes severe, it radiates over into the right buttock as well.

In the months and years after his accident, which was on the job, Raymond has had to fight the Draconian work comp healthcare system. This is difficult enough for patients with commonly understood and readily identifiable injuries. It is even more difficult for patients with peripheral nerve injuries. After several years of seeing doctor after doctor without any relief from his pain, Raymond’s work comp case was finally closed out.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup devises a surgical solution

Almost five years after the original injury, Raymond was referred to Dr. Tollestrup by his primary care physician. Dr. Tollestrup identified the source of Raymond’s chronic pain as being due to a series of nerve compression injuries affecting the left leg, starting at the level of the pelvis and extending all the way down to the foot.

Raymond underwent surgery to repair the nerve injuries.

One week post op Raymond went back to see Dr. Tollestrup. All of his original pain in the left buttock and leg was gone.

He is now six weeks out from his original surgery and remains free from the severe pain that plagued him without relief for the last five years*.


We do not guarantee any specific results or outcomes for surgery, should our practice work on your behalf. Information on this website may be used as a reference for successes we’ve achieved for our patients, and not as an assurance or guarantee for similar results in all instances.

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