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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Pain Gone After Nerve Surgery

“Please go see Dr. Tollestrup!”
Moira makes an emotional plea for people suffering from chronic pain.

Dr. Tollestrup relieved her excruciating shoulder pain after she was incorrectly diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

Dr. Tollestrup knew her problem was a more complex nerve compression called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Days after offering her a correct diagnosis he relieved her suffering.
We go inside Dr. Tollestrup’s operating room to find out how…

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My name is Moira, and this is my story. I fell and broke my right wrist. I developed this pinched nerve in my left that went all the way down my arm and radiated through my hand, which left my fingers numb. It’s awful. I was in such pain. Oh, the pain would radiate down my arm. Like it was all on fire.

She was sent to me or referred to me with a diagnosis of cubital tunnel syndrome. After talking to her and examining her carefully, what was quite apparent was that her primary problem was a much more complex problem than just an ulnar nerve being pinched at the elbow level. Her primary problem was actually a condition called neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome. We took Moira to the OR, and operated and decompressed the brachial plexus had an anomalous small muscle called the scaliness minimus muscle. It ends up compressing the lower C8 and T1 nerve roots, which are the nerve roots that predominantly make up the ulnar nerve.

The relatively normal looking C5, C6, C7 nerve roots in the upper and middle trunk, and then there was a very robust scaliness minimums coming across here. You can see how inflamed that inferior C8 nerve root and then T1 is just deep to it. It’s a dramatic demonstration of a compressed and inflamed nerve against normal ones here, so.

The pain was gone, it was gone. And I went, “Oh good, I can actually sleep.” It’s great to be out of pain. It’s so great. I’m back to normal. I feel like a normal person. So lucky because the nurses at this surgery center said people come from all over the world for this doctor. I said, “That’s great.” I’m going to tell everybody that I know in this world what I experienced. Please go to Dr. Tollestrup, please. Please do it, because your life is such a mess when you’re in pain. You don’t need to be living like that.

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