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Stories from Dr. Tollestrup & Our Patients
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Piriformis Syndrome Success Story

Piriformis Syndrome Success Story

My name is Alison, and this is my story about overcoming piriformis syndrome. There are no words that can express the amount of gratitude I have for Dr, Tollestrup.
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Nevada Nerve Surgery
Tollestrup, MD

Dr. Tim Tollestrup of Nevada Nerve Surgery is a pioneer, he is practicing a new form of surgery and a radically new treatment option for people suffering from chronic pain. Dr. Tollestrup is one of only four surgeons in the country who does peripheral nerve surgery. His surgeries provide long-term relief and solutions to a myriad of chronic pain problems previously considered to be untreatable.

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Dr. Tim Tollestrup and the team offer nerve surgery treatment options for the following conditions:
Success Stories
See how we’ve helped change the lives of some of our patients. Hear their stories below:

Teen Athlete with Piriformis Syndrome from Mom’s Perspective

It was hard for Jamie to see her young, athletic daughter Sarah suffer an injury that left her with horrible back and sciatica pain. The pain...
Learn how Judy was helped by Dr. Tim Tollestrup

Piriformis Syndrome with Two Piriformis Muscles

Transcript: Hi, my name is Judy and I live in Virginia. I've been suffering from piriformis syndrome for the last 16 years. My problem is I can't...

Teen Athlete Overcomes Piriformis Syndrome with Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Sarah was a young athlete in her prime, enjoying high school and excelling in many sports. A nerve injury sidelined her. She languished for months...