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Peripheral Nerve Surgery Offers Relief from Sciatica Pain

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Relieves Sciatica Pain

After years of suffering Stephanie is on the road to recovery thanks to peripheral nerve surgery.*

Stephanie is a patient who came to see Dr. Tim Tollestrup in hopes that he could help relieve her left side and sciatica pain.

History of Scoliosis

Seven years ago, Stephanie underwent spine surgery with straightening and fusion of the scoliotic spine. The surgery was 5 hours long and involved both an anterior and posterior surgical approach to the spine.

After surgery, she had resolution of the pelvic symptoms as well as her low back pain. The surgery did not relieve the pain in her legs. In addition, after surgery she had an internal sensation of “numbness” in the left leg. She has had repeat imaging of the lumbar spine since surgery and her spine surgeon has no explanation from a spine standpoint for the persistent symptoms in her lower extremities. Stephanie also felt like her left leg was weaker than the right leg.

About six months ago, Stephanie had recurrence of the left-sided sciatica pain. She underwent injections with her pain management doctor which resolved everything including her posterior knee pain and joint pain.

Tollestrup Procedure

Stephanie came to see Dr. Tollestrup when the injections stopped working and her sciatica pain became unbearable.

Upon examination of the peripheral nerves, Stephanie showed signs of multiple compressed nerves in both legs. In particular, she showed signs of a left piriformis syndrome, the source of her recurrent sciatica pain.

Stephanie went to the OR where Dr. Tollestrup relieved the pressure on her sciatic nerve at the level of the piriformis muscle as well as an additional nerve near the outside of the left knee. This is a surgery invented by Dr. Tollestrup. Other surgeons refer to this surgery as the “Tollestrup Procedure.”

By one week post-op, Stephanie new that her original sciatica pain in the left leg was gone. She is now anxious to see what else can be done for some of the other pain issues she is having in the left foot and right leg.*

If you or someone you know has sciatica pain, Dr. Tollestrup can help. Please call the office to schedule a consultation 702-666-0463.


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