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Lower Back Pain Issues Helped by Nerve Surgery

Lower Back Pain Issues Helped with Nerve Surgery

The following story is from Suzanna, a patient suffering from lower back pain, who we helped get from nearly immobile to 90% pain free through nerve surgery. We appreciate her sharing her story with us to inspire others:

lower back pain and nerve surgery in Nevada

Suzanna and Dr. Tollestrup after her nerve surgery to address lower back pain.

For the last twenty years I was mistakenly diagnosed with chronic lower back pain. The last 10 years I could not drive or sit without pain in my bottom and my right leg. I was treated with pain killers, epiderals, steroid shots, etc. They never really helped.

I was finally diagnosed by a neurologist as probably having piriformis syndrome. Basically as having a pain in the butt. The neurologist offered no treatment and the pain was only getting worse. I could no longer walk without severe pain on top of everything else. I was spending all my time laying down which was the only time I was without pain.

I was finally referred to Dr. Tim Tollestrup by an orthopedic surgeon in Henderson, NV. Dr. Tollestrup confirmed I did have piriformis syndrome. He removed the piriformis muscle from my right side in May 2016. I can honestly say after 5 months I am 90 percent pain free. If these symptoms sound like yours, make an appointment now to have your lower back pain issues checked out. With Dr. Tollestrup’s help, and with nerve surgery, You could be pain free in 6 months.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup is a nerve surgeon with a practice in Nevada that treats patients locally, and from out-of-state. If you have an issue, such as lower back pain, that could benefit from our assistance, call 702-666-0463, or fill out a form on this page and we’ll contact you.

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