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Knee Pain Finally Gone After Failed Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Pain Finally Gone Thanks to Dr. Tollestrup

Mark came to see Dr. Tim Tollestrup after years of debilitating knee pain. Unfortunately, he is a classic example of a patient enduring unnecessary, ineffective surgical procedure’s because his doctors did not properly diagnose the source of his pain.

Most people with chronic knee pain due to nerve damage sustain the nerve damage as a complication of knee surgery. But for some patients like Mark the source of their knee pain from the very beginning is damage to sensory nerves around the knee joint.

Mark had knee pain helped with surgery by Dr. Tollestrup.

Mark is allowing Dr. Tollestrup, with his years of experience treating chronic joint pain helping him alleviate his knee pain, to share his story in hopes of helping others suffering from knee pain who are searching for answers and relief.

“Mark’s pain started in 2012 when he was injured at work. His first line of treatment was multiple steroid injections into the knee. During this period, he had an MRI which was “normal”.

When the pain did not abate, he had a diagnostic right knee arthroscopy. The orthopedic surgeon told him he “cleaned up” some stuff in the right knee but that there was nothing specific that was identified as the source of the pain.

Unfortunately, after the right knee arthroscopy, he experienced excruciating pain requiring him to stay in the hospital for several days on morphine. He was eventually able to transition to oral pain medications and be discharged, however the pain in the right knee never improved.

Ten months after the knee arthroscopy, Mark had a total knee replacement or knee arthroplasty. After this surgery, his pain actually became worse with pain spikes as high as 9/10 in severity depending on his activity level. Mark was unable to squat or kneel on the right knee at all.

Unfortunately for Mark, both surgeries including a total knee replacement were completely unnecessary and made his pain worse. This is because his knee pain was due to a peripheral nerve injury. The proof is that his pain was no better, even after the entire knee joint was replaced.

I performed knee denervation surgery on Mark during which I disconnected the injured nerves. Now he is finally pain free.”

Excerpt from Dr. Tim Tollestrup Patient Notes

Mark was helped by Dr. Tollestrup with surgery to damage to sensory nerves around the knee joint.




If you or someone you know has chronic knee pain that either worsened or stayed the same after surgery, Dr. Tollestrup can help. Call the office at 702-666-0643.


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