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Dr. Tollestrup Discusses Chronic Pain

In this episode of Dr. Tollestrup Discusses Chronic Pain, Dr. Tollestrup addresses the difference between pain-focused peripheral nerve surgery and pain management, how each patient’s journey is unique and the joy he feels after helping a patient overcome...

Dr. Lee Dellon on Passing the Torch to Dr. Tim Tollestrup

Pain-focused Peripheral Nerve Surgery Dr. Lee Dellon is the father of pain-focused peripheral nerve surgery, having pioneered this new field of medicine. In this video Dr. Dellon explains how his student, Dr. Tim Tollestrup, represents the future of the field and how...

Dr. Tim Tollestrup Facebook Live on Neuropelveology

“If you have pain that nobody else can figure out you probably have a peripheral nerve problem.” In this Facebook Live video Dr. Tim Tollestrup explains Neuropelveology, a minimally invasive approach to treating sciatica and other types of pelvic pain. He...