Surgical Solution for Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Dr. Tim Tollestrup develops surgical solution for Peripheral Neuropathy pain.

Most patients with Peripheral Neuropathy are told they have a chronic, incurable condition. However, pain-focused Peripheral Nerve Surgeon Tim Tollestrup MD has developed nerve decompression surgeries to help these patients eliminate their pain.

Here is Dr. Tollestrup explaining how he can eliminate pain from Peripheral Neuropathy.

“These patients with peripheral neuropathy usually they will show signs of nerve compression as well. You have a two layer cake since you have something going on that makes the nerves abnormal and then as a result of that secondarily the nerves become pinched or compressed and it’s that pressure on the nerve that very often is what’s causing the clinical symptoms that everybody just writes off as due to the underlying neuropathy process.

Patient Karen

I examined her she showed classic signs of nerve compression. A patient who was told they had peripheral neuropathy and there’s nothing you could do about it. She underwent surgery we decompressed the nerves to the to the bottom of the foot. We decompressed the nerves that were causing problems in the left leg and she’s basically better all the pain is gone.

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