Piriformis Muscle Removal Surgery – Ten Years and 400+ Cases Later

A decade ago, Dr. Tim Tollestrup pioneered the surgery to remove the Piriformis Muscle. Four hundred plus cases later he has changed the lives of hundreds of patients from all over the world who travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to be cured of debilitating Piriformis Syndrome.

In this video he explains his passion for this surgery and how the operation is fun.

Piriformis syndrome is sort of a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s an operation that I developed approximately a decade ago, 2011 was the first piriformis surgery muscle removal that I performed. And since that time I’ve performed over 400 of these operations, which is by far and away the most of anyone in the world. And I have patients now that come from all over the world to have this condition treated. It’s an operation that’s a lot of fun, patients do great, patients that actually have piriformis syndrome, you remove their piriformis muscle, they’re cured; their pain will be gone.


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