Persistent Knee Pain After Knee Replacement Surgery


Frances endured three knee surgeries yet her excruciating pain remained. In fact, it was getting worse with each surgery. No doctor would touch her including the orthopedic surgeon who did her knee replacement and revision. She had lost hope. Then she found Dr. Tim Tollestrup, a Peripheral Nerve Surgeon who she calls, “a godsend.”

Full Transcript:

I had pain in my knee for over four years. I called other orthopedic doctors and none of them would see me because it would be a revision. I’ve already had three surgeries on that knee. And the surgeon that did my surgeries, he didn’t have anything else to do for me.

I was using walkers, and I was on pain pills. And I, basically, stayed more or less in my home.

I cried. I was very frustrated. I didn’t like to be limited in my activities in my life because I’m a very active person. And nobody would listen to me. Nobody would help me.

I found him to be very professional, very nice. And willing to listen to me. Because he’s a peripheral nerve surgeon and he was willing to take a look at my knee, this was my saving grace. He was going to be my God that’s going to make me walk like a normal person, and get my life back.

Two months, the sensation that I had in the calf of my leg, in the side of my leg went away. The pain in my knee went away.

You have pain? Call Dr. Tollestrup. Don’t hesitate. I highly recommend him. And he’s true to his word. And he takes the time to listen to you. A patient knows their body. And just because you can’t see something visibly doesn’t mean that it’s not there. And four years, and no doctors would take me. I got Dr. Tollestrup and it was a blessing, a blessing.

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