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Woman holding her foot in pain suffering from peripheral foot neuropathy.Peripheral Neuropathy
February 25, 2021

Should I Get Surgery For My Foot Neuropathy?

Surgery for your foot neuropathy may be the answer instead of ignoring your pain. Dr. Tollestrup can help with your peripheral neuropathy.
Peripheral Neuropathy
October 13, 2020

Permanent Relief From Peripheral Neuropathy with Dr. Tollestrup

In this Facebook Live video Dr. Tollestrup discusses how he can offer patients with Peripheral Neuropathy permanent relief with Peripheral Nerve Surgery. If they have nerve compression the success rate…
nerve painEducational VideosPeripheral Neuropathy
October 12, 2020

What Causes Nerve Pain? Dr. Tollestrup Discusses.

In this Facebook Live video Dr. Tim Tollestrup discusses the causes for nerve pain and how he can offer patients with nerve pain long-term solutions through Peripheral Nerve Surgery. About…
Educational VideosPeripheral NeuropathySuccess Stories
August 17, 2020

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relieved Through Nerve Surgery

Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy are often given pain medication and told they have to live with the condition since it is often caused by an underlying condition like diabetes or…
Educational VideosPeripheral Neuropathy
July 13, 2020

Pain Focused Peripheral Nerve Surgeons

There is a paradox of supply and demand when it comes to peripheral nerve surgery. Most peripheral nerve surgeons focus on reconstructive nerve surgery and very few on pain relief.…
Dr. TollestrupPeripheral Neuropathy
June 2, 2020

Raising Awareness for Peripheral Nerve Surgery as a Treatment for Chronic Pain

Patients with chronic pain deal with frustration in addition to their suffering, There is a pervasive lack of understanding about how to treat chronic pain. in this video blog, Peripheral…
Dr. TollestrupPeripheral Neuropathy
May 12, 2020

Chronic Pain Relief Patient with Multiple Peripheral Nerve Problems

Over five years, Dr. Tollestrup performed multiple nerve decompression and denervation surgeries on Gail including a piriformis muscle removal. Dr. Tollestrup calls her one of the most complex patients he…
Peripheral NeuropathySuccess Stories
August 29, 2019

Young Teen Gets His Life Back with Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Brennan's story is one of the most powerful we have shared. In the prime of his life, this young athlete could barely walk after groin hernia surgery. During that surgery,…
Peripheral NeuropathySuccess Stories
July 8, 2019

Nerve Surgery for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral nephropathy is one of the most common types of peripheral nerve disorders. Conventional wisdom in the medical community considers it to be progressive and incurable. But that's just not…
Peripheral Neuropathy
December 11, 2018

Chronic Pain Patients Thank Dr. Tollestrup for Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Helps Those with Pain Feel Better Patients of Dr. Tim Tollestrup describe how he changed their lives through peripheral nerve surgery. Frank was addicted to opioid medication,…
Peripheral Neuropathy
December 11, 2018

Failed Back Surgeries Lead to Successful Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Lydia’s Story – Failed Back Surgeries Lead to Successful Peripheral Nerve Surgery Lydia suffered from pain in her leg, hip and low back. Two back surgeries did not help. Then…
Peripheral Neuropathy
December 11, 2018

Nerve Surgery Changes April’s Life

April's Nerve Surgery Success Story April, a patient of Dr. Tim Tollestrup, tells her story about how nerve surgery helped her get back to living the life she wanted with…
Peripheral Neuropathy
December 11, 2018

James’s Peripheral Neuropathy Success Story

With Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Gone James was at the point where his peripheral neuropathy pain was so bad that he could not get out of bed. After 30 trips to…
Educational VideosPeripheral Neuropathy
March 28, 2018

Surgical Nerve Decompressions Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Nerve Surgery for Peripheral Neuropathy Pain James was in so much pain from Peripheral Neuropathy that on some days he couldn't get out of bed. Then he met Dr. Tim…
Sharon is back to long walks and sleeping through the night thanks to surgery from Dr. Tollestrup to remove her Piriformis Muscle.Educational VideosPeripheral NeuropathySuccess Stories
July 11, 2017

Why the Peripheral Nervous System and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Are So Unknown and Misunderstood

Why Peripheral Nerve Surgery Is Not Widely Accepted Why most doctors don't know about peripheral nerve surgery is a complicated question and is at the heart of why so many of…
Educational VideosNeurpathyPeripheral NeuropathySuccess Stories
June 26, 2017

Peripheral Neuropathy Cured by Nerve Surgery

Peripheral Neuropathy Sidelined Young Mother April Anderson is representative of the millions of patients who suffer from symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy. April was in such bad shape that she…
Peripheral NeuropathySuccess Stories
February 10, 2017

Family Affair: Mother and Daughter Get Relief from Peripheral Nerve Pain after Surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup

Like Mother, Like Daughter - Nerve Pain Relief Thanks to Dr. Tollestrup Dr. Tim Tollestrup performed surgery on a mother and daughter suffering from peripheral nerve pain caused by peripheral nerve…
Nerve Decompression Surgery with Dr. Tollestrup can help eliminate migraine headaches.Educational ArticlesPeripheral NeuropathyUncategorized
November 29, 2016

When Should I Have Peripheral Nerve Surgery?

Often, Dr. Tim Tollestrup takes time to answer questions commonly asked by patients. In this post, he discusses when it may be the right time to have nerve surgery: One…

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