Knee Pain Not Resolved with Knee Replacement Surgery

“There is a whole avenue that is not in their wheelhouse.”

Listen to Will’s stunning revelation following knee replacement surgery and subsequent nerve surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup.

Full Transcript:

I had surgery, a major surgery, that I probably didn’t need to have if I just would’ve found this option. If I could have met Dr. Tollestrup beforehand. So I think having that as an option would have saved me a lot of pain and grief. It’s hard to look back in hindsight, like you said, but it does just make you go, “Ugh, I wish I could have came here first.”

That’s the epiphany. That’s when you’re like, “Wow, there’s a whole ‘nother avenue to this that’s not even explained or talked about when you go to orthopedics. That’s not even their wheelhouse. That’s not a conversation they have with you.” I would tell him, “Thank you,” a million times over, and I would tell him he needs to dress up in a marching band outfit and get out there and beat the drum and let people know that there’s options other than suffering.

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