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Peripheral Neuropathy Relief with Nerve Surgery

Dr. Tollestrup explains causes, symptoms and a surgical solution for patients with peripheral neuropathy. Eight out of ten patients with peripheral neuropathy who show signs of nerve compression will get relief with pain-focused peripheral nerve surgery.

Tim Tollestrup/Pain-Focused Peripheral Nerve Surgeon:

“Peripheral neuropathy is a condition characterized by painful numbness, tingling, and burning of the feet and or hands.
More people get neuropathy symptoms in their feet than in their
hands but it can affect both and you can have all four limbs affected.
In the context of peripheral nerves, you’re sort of dealing with a two-part problem, like a layer cake with two layers.
Very often with people who have peripheral neuropathy there’s a metabolic insult going on. That could be something like diabetes, hypothyroidism and maybe exposure to certain chemicals and chemotherapy.
These nerves become swollen and entrapped in tight spaces where they used to fit.
In patients who have peripheral neuropathy what I can do as a pain focused peripheral nerve surgeon is examine them to see if they show signs that there is entrapment of these nerves at these tight spaces.
If the patient shows evidence of compression or entrapment of nerves at certain locations that match up with where their clinical symptoms are, then they’re good candidates for nerve decompression surgery.
It is not 100%, some people have the surgery and do not get better but there’s nothing else that offers an 80% cure rate besides
surgery to decompress the nerves.
If somebody has an exam and doesn’t show signs of mechanical nerve compression, then they’re obviously not a candidate for nerve decompression surgery.”


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