Ask Dr. Tollestrup: Peripheral Nerve Surgeon Answers Questions About Chronic Pain from a Facebook Live Event

Dr. Tollestrup addresses questions submitted by people dealing with chronic pain problems. Below is an approximate time log of the topics covered. However within these topics Dr. Tollestrup addresses a wide variety of big picture issues including the importance of finding a surgeon who is familiar with peripheral nerve anatomy and has done hundreds of these type of surgeries. Unfortunately there are only a handful of them in the world.

:10 – 4:00 Intercostal Nerve Damage 4:1010:10 Meralgia Paresthetica 10:2011:00 Pain around the Ankles 11:2013:30 Meralgia Paresthetica 13:5515:40 Phantom Pain After Neurectomy 15:5020:40 Piriformis Syndrome 21:0025:00 Common Peroneal Nerves 25:0026:00 Postinfectious Myelitis Autoimmune Response 26:1030:00 Piriformis Syndrome 31:0034:00 Meralgia Paresthetica 34:3035:40 Thumb 35:4548:00 Piriformis Syndrome 48:0050:00 Meralgia Paresthetica 50:0053:00 Intercostal Nerve Damage 58:001:00:00 Vaginal Nerve Pain 1:00:001:07:00 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 1:07:001:10:00 Unexplained Back Pain 1:10:451:13 :30 Middle Cluneal Nerves 1:13:401:20:00 Meralgia Paresthetica 1:20:001:23:00 Middle Cluneal Nerves and Nerve Blocks

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