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Patient's Husband urges friends and family to see Dr. Tollestrup who helped his wife overcome chronic nerve pain

Two Successful Nerve Decompression Surgeries Prompts Urging from Patient’s Husband

Bill Botts wife Margaret had successful nerve decompression surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup to address two very distinctive peripheral nerve problems. After both surgeries, Margaret had instant relief from debilitating pain.

Botts saw this article in the Las Vegas Review Journal prompting him to write an email to his friends and family making them aware of the unique surgeries offered by Dr. Tollestrup. He also sent the email to the team at Tollestrup MD and allowed us to share it with our online community.

Here it is below….

Hi family and friends,

You all know about Margaret’s 3 year saga with her left hip surgeries and the intense pain she has experienced.  Well three weeks ago she had surgery by a doctor who is a peripheral nerve surgeon.  He found that key nerve bundles were compromised and/or compacted and decompressed them. She is now recovering and we think her past pain will be soon gone.  The amazing thing is that Dr. Tollestrup was the doctor who after several years of other docs giving up found Margaret’s earlier problem with the piriformis muscle pain cause by her injury while we were in the South American Rain Forest.  That tiny muscle was torn loose and was atrophied and pressing against the sciatic nerve–INSTANT RELIEF.  Not even any post-surgery pain, the problem was solved.  The attached article from the local newspaper this morning tells a similar story, but may even be a worse pain situation.

A friend from Idaho after years of unrelenting pain decided to take my advice and fly down to see Dr. Tollestrup.  He did and he came back for surgery and he is nearly free from debilitating pain after several decades.

MY MESSAGE is: we have learned that many good doctors, even experts, don’t seem to be well versed in the peripheral nerve system and often just give up on pain as being incurable or as more than one doctor told Margaret, “you are going to just have to learn to live with it.”

I would urge you to take a look at Dr. Tollestrup’s website and give any family or friends who suffer from pain problems this contact.  He is amazing at knowing what major or minor nerves are causing serious pain problems in out of the way places-and more importantly how to fix them.

– Bill Botts