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Spinal MRI Did Not Show Nerve Compression for Patient with Sciatica Pain

Frederick is pain free after Dr. Tollestrup removed his piriformis muscle.

Frederick is pain free after Dr. Tollestrup removed his piriformis muscle.*

Frederick sought the expertise of Dr. Tim Tollestrup to help with his debilitating sciatica pain. He agreed to share his story to help educate other prospective patients and physicians about an alternative method to eliminate rather than manage chronic pain.

Frederick came to see Dr. Tollestrup after suffering from sciatica pain for six months. The pain was severe enough that he needed daily narcotic pain medication. He tried physical therapy but that only made his pain worse.

His pain started in the buttock area and radiated down the thigh to the knee or on days it was really bad the pain could radiate all the way to his ankle. Walking made the pain worse. Frederick was in pain from the minute he woke up in the morning.

An MRI of Fred’s lumbar spine did not show any evidence of nerve compression at the spine level which could otherwise explain the “sciatica” pain that he was experiencing.

Upon physically examining Frederick, Dr. Tollestrup confirmed what he already suspected based on the patient’s history. Frederick had nerve compression of the piriformis muscle.

Dr.Tollestrup surgically removed Fred’s piriformis muscle to decompress the big sciatic nerve.

By one week post-op, Fred’s original pain was essentially gone.

He is now about 5 months post-op and his pain remains 100% gone. He has not taken a pain pill in about three months.

If you are suffering from sciatica pain, Dr. Tollestrup can help. Please call the office at 702-666-0463 to schedule a consultation.


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