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Chronic Pain After SurgeryDr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerynews and eventssuccess storiesvideos
February 19, 2020

Ten Years of Nerve Pain Healed Through Peripheral Nerve Surgery

William suffered for 10 years and tried every treatment imaginable to relieve nerve pain in the left perineal area. Finally, a doctor near his hometown of Washington D.C. referred him…
Disconnecting NervesDr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgerynews and eventsPatient Storiespiriformis syndromesuccess storiesvideos
February 10, 2020

Lucy’s Long Healing Journey to Overcome Piriformis Syndrome

Lucy saw three spine surgeons and three neurologists for the pain and numbness in her buttocks and legs. None of them could diagnose let alone treat her effectively. After hearing…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaDr. TollestrupDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerynews and eventsPatient Storiessuccess storiesvideos
July 19, 2019

Pain After Toe Amputation Resolved with Nerve Surgery

For decades, Shelby suffered through unsuccessful surgeries and finally a toe amputation. Doctors continued to believe the pain stemmed from a musculoskeletal problem. Finally she found a doctor who didn't…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaDisconnecting NervesDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerynews and eventsPatient Storiessuccess storiesvideos
May 16, 2019

Superficial Peroneal Nerve Pain

Daniel had horrible pain in his ankle radiating to the top of his foot that he rated at a level 10! After surgery to properly treat his Superficial Peroneal Nerve…
nerve decompression surgeryNerve SurgeryPatient Storiessuccess stories
May 15, 2018

Dr. Tollestrup Pioneers a Nerve Decompression Surgery to Relieve Lower Extremity Pain

Dr. Tollestrup Uses Nerve Decompression Surgery He Pioneered to Help Sara Dr. Tollestrup performing nerve surgery Sara had successful nerve decompression surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup and is sharing her…
Dr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve SurgeryPatient Storiesperipheral neuropathysuccess storiesUncategorizedvideos
March 28, 2018

Surgical Nerve Decompressions Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Nerve Surgery for Peripheral Neuropathy Pain James was in so much pain from Peripheral Neuropathy that on some days he couldn't get out of bed. Then he met Dr. Tim…
Back PainDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerypersistent pain after spine surgerysuccess storiesvideos
November 13, 2017

Low Back Pain Involving Superior Cluneal Nerve Compression

Low Back Pain Not Coming from the Spine Low back pain stemming from superior cluneal nerve entrapment is an underdiagnosed condition. Dr. Tollestrup has developed a surgical approach to help…
Sharon is back to long walks and sleeping through the night thanks to surgery from Dr. Tollestrup to remove her Piriformis Muscle.Dr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerysuccess stories
October 23, 2017

Severe Nerve Compression Goes Undiagnosed for Ten Years

Nerve Compression at Multiple Sites Causes Ten Years of Chronic Pain Carrie is a patient of mine who needlessly suffered for ten years because no one could properly diagnose nerve…
ArthoplastyDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgerysuccess stories
October 11, 2017

Knee Replacement Surgery Fails to Heal Pain

Pain Increases After Knee Replacement Surgery Dr. Tollestrup working on a previous knee replacement surgery. Wanda had a left total knee replacement done by her orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, after surgery,…
Dr. Tollestrup BlogFailed Morton's Neuroma Surgerynerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerynews and eventssuccess stories
September 26, 2017

Schwannoma Removed During Complex Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Complex Peripheral Nerve Surgery Solves Chronic Pain Problem Nerve surgery may help Marilyn came to see Dr. Tollestrup for a complicated peripheral nerve pain problem. Dr. Tollestrup performed a tedious…
Back PainChronic Pain After SurgeryDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerypiriformis syndromeSciatica Pain/Piriformis Syndromesuccess stories
August 21, 2017

Nerve Surgery Success After Six Failed Back Surgeries

Failed Back Surgery Leads to Nerve Surgery Success Thomas came to see Dr. Tollestrup after he endured failed back surgery six times. His chief complaint is pain and paresthesia involving…
Back PainDr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryNerve SurgeryPatient Storiespiriformis syndromeSciatica Pain/Piriformis Syndrome
August 11, 2017

Nerve Compression Causes Severe Sciatica Pain

Nerve Compression Compromises Quality of Life Christine's sciatica pain is 100% gone after nerve compression surgery*. Christine suffers from multiple chronic pain issues stemming from nerve compression. These cover the…
Dr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgerynews and eventssuccess stories
June 1, 2017

Chronic Pain Eliminated by Nerve Decompression Surgery

Surgery Helps Patient Get Relief and Get Off Narcotics Look at that smile Five years ago, Raymond was in a terrible car accident. He was at a stop when his compact…
Patient's Husband urges friends and family to see Dr. Tollestrup who helped his wife overcome chronic nerve painnerve decompression surgeryNerve Surgerynews and eventsPatient Storiessuccess stories
March 6, 2017

Patient’s Husband Expresses Gratitude After Successful Nerve Surgery

Two Successful Nerve Decompression Surgeries Prompts Urging from Patient's Husband Bill Botts wife Margaret had successful nerve decompression surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup to address two very distinctive peripheral nerve problems.…
Dr. Tollestrup Blognerve decompression surgeryPatient Storiessuccess stories
February 10, 2017

Family Affair: Mother and Daughter Get Relief from Peripheral Nerve Pain after Surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup

Like Mother, Like Daughter - Nerve Pain Relief Thanks to Dr. Tollestrup Dr. Tim Tollestrup performed surgery on a mother and daughter suffering from peripheral nerve pain caused by peripheral nerve…

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