Military Vet Overcomes Pain from Piriformis Syndrome

“The words, sentences and paragraphs I have written to describe the miraculous surgeries Dr. T performed on me are still inadequate to describe the joy and relief I have right now.”

Harold, a veteran who battled the VA system for 14 years with no luck getting relief from his Piriformis Syndrome pain, was on the brink of taking his life before he found Dr. Tim Tollestrup.

Watch Harold’s powerful story of healing and rebirth…

Full Transcription:

Harold is a vet who was blown up by an IED while on patrol in Afghanistan. When the blast hit his vehicle, he was thrown back violently striking his buttock on a metal hand crack. This damaged his posterior femoral cutaneous nerve and his piriformis muscle, causing piriformis syndrome.

He has been trying to get help through the VA system for 14 years with no luck. Then, he found Dr. Tim Tollestrup, a pain-focused Peripheral Nerve Surgeon in Las Vegas. And his life and changed forever.

First, Dr, Tollestrup performed a surgery where he removed the damaged branches of Harold’s Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve.

Next, he removed the piriformis muscle to relieve the pressure on Harold’s sciatic nerve, curing the piriformis syndrome.

Here’s Harold’s story in his own words…

“The words, sentences, and paragraphs, I have written to describe the miraculous surgeries Dr. Tollestrup performed are still inadequate to describe the joy and relief I have right now. Walter Reed could never figure out what was causing my pain even after 16 MRIs, X-rays, CT, scans, and whole-body bone scans. The neurosurgeons completely missed my crushed Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerves and piriformis syndrome. Before surgery with Dr. Tollestrup, my pain felt like torture. 100% TORTURE! Every day I wanted to end my life because I could no longer stand the pain. I would go weeks without shaving or bathing because it was too painful to move. At most, I slept 2 – 3 hours a night. Before my surgeries, my buttock pain was so extreme that I could no longer sit more than a few minutes.”

Harold’s life changed dramatically after surgery with Dr. Tollestrup. Harold recorded this voice message for Dr. Tollestrup, take a listen…

“Hello, Dr. T. This is Harold. I wanted to share with you some incredibly good news since you performed my second surgery back in March. I’m sorry it took a while for me to send you this, but I’ve been busy enjoying my life since you miraculously gave it back to me.”

Just 8 weeks after my last surgery, I took an 8-hour drive and only stopped once for gas. While riding a lawnmower does not seem like it is a big deal, it is a HUGE DEAL for me! The pain in my right buttock is now permanently gone and I can sit indefinitely! I also returned to my gym after not being able to work out for 3 years. I’ve also been hiking with my daughter, riding my mountain bike, going out to restaurants, and sitting for two hours, then taking a long walk with my wife. I don’t think that is too shabby for a soldier homebound for 18 months, on the verge of ending my life because of my daily dose of 250 mg of OxyCotin barely scratched my pain. You have given me my life back and I feel terrible that I can’t think of anything that will ever be enough to repay you.

“I wish you the best, Dr. Tollestrup, and thank you. Thank you for your selfless service to our wounded veterans.”

You were God’s gift to me, and I will never forget what you did for me.

“I wish you all the best. Harold”

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