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Life-Changing Surgery for Patients with Piriformis Syndrome

Peripheral Nerve Surgeon Dr. Tim Tollestrup developed a surgery to remove rather than release the piriformis muscle for patients who are suffering from chronic sciatica, back, leg, foot and hip pain. To date he has successfully operated on hundreds of patients from states across the U.S. and countries all over the world.

Meet three patients who are enjoying life again thanks to this revolutionary surgery.


Piriformis Muscle Removal Surgery Patients from all over the world seek out, Dr. Tim Tollestrup for groundbreaking surgery he pioneered to remove the Piriformis Muscle. Patients suffering from intense pain that no one could explain. Patients like Susan, Monique, and Lucy.

Susan: Sometimes the pain was so bad that I actually wanted to take a knife and cut my leg off. Okay. To me, that’s pretty awful pain.

Monique: I developed pain in my lower back that radiated down my leg and was aggravated with activity, with non-activity, sitting.

Lucy: All of these people looked at me like I was crazy. It’s like, there’s nothing wrong with you to explain these symptoms. That was probably the biggest frustration is I got tired of being laughed at.

Dr. Tollestrup removed the piriformis muscle or muscles in all three patients. The change was immediate and dramatic.

Susan: The next day after surgery, I think, and I’m going to get emotional again because I cried the whole entire day. I couldn’t believe the pain was gone.

Monique: The recovery was so easy and so quick.

Lucy: Like a whole new person, like I have a new lease on life.

Monique: I’ve gone from just coming home from work and sitting on the couch to, I never stop.

Lucy: There’s definitely a light at the end of my very long tunnel. They share feelings of gratitude for the doctor who developed the life-changing surgery.

Susan: I’m eternally thankful that he decided to learn long ago whenever he started this, how to fix this.

Lucy: I love the man. He is wonderful because he has helped me so much.

Monique: There aren’t words for the life-changing alteration. There just aren’t words. I could never thank him for how he changed my life and so quickly. I will forever be grateful.

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