Knee Pain Relieved Through Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Donna had a knee injury that doctors attempted to fix with arthroscopic knee surgery that only made her pain worse. After another unsuccessful knee arthroplasty, she was given a diagnosis of CRPS.
She was bed-ridden when she found Dr. Tim Tollestrup, a peripheral nerve surgeon who surgically disconnected the nerve damaged during her knee arthroplasties.

Now she is pain free and enjoying life as a grandma once again. Donnas has this advice for people still suffering. “I would tell anyone if you are doubting having this surgery whatever he recommends do it. He knows what he is doing and I am a great example of that.”

Transcript: Doctor T, it’s Donna Lockaby, I had surgery with you back in June of this year and my life has changed so much for the better.

It was a hard journey the first three months, but now it’s about six months and it’s been life changing. We have been cooking in my kitchen. I’m waiting for my son and his family, we have a new grandbaby. This year I have been able to go out and shop at the mall. Yes,

I’m still having to ride my little scooter around, but I’m not in pain. Used to, I’d be in so much pain, I couldn’t even do that. We’ve been shopping for my grandbabies and I am so excited for them to come today and me to be able to do this, walk around even in my house with no pain. I would tell anyone, if you’re doubting it, have this surgery. Whatever he recommends, he knows what he’s doing, and I’m a very good example of that.

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