Knee Pain After Knee Arthroplasty

Frances had horrible knee pain after several knee surgeries including a total knee replacement. No doctor would touch her until she found Peripheral Nerve Surgeon Dr. Tim Tollestrup. Here is her story in her own words…. Full Transcript: I had pain in my knee for over four years. I called other orthopedic doctors and none of them would see me because it would be a revision.

I’ve already had three surgeries on that knee. And the surgeon that did my surgeries, he didn’t have anything else to do for me. I was using walkers, and I was on pain pills. And I, basically, stayed more or less in my home. I cried. I was very frustrated. I didn’t like to be limited in my activities in my life because I’m a very active person. And nobody would listen to me. Nobody would help me. I found him to be very professional, very nice. And willing to listen to me.

Because he’s a peripheral nerve surgeon and he was willing to take a look at my knee, this was my saving grace. He was going to be my God that’s going to make me walk like a normal person, and get my life back. Two months, the sensation that I had in the calf of my leg, in the side of my leg went away. The pain in my knee went away. You have pain? Call Dr. Tollestrup. Don’t hesitate. I highly recommend him. And he’s true to his word. And he takes the time to listen to you.

A patient knows their body. And just because you can’t see something visibly doesn’t mean that it’s not there. And four years, and no doctors would take me. I got Dr. Tollestrup and it was a blessing, a blessing.

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