Family Affair: Mother and Daughter Get Relief from Peripheral Nerve Pain after Surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup

Like Mother, Like Daughter – Nerve Pain Relief Thanks to Dr. Tollestrup

Dr. Tim Tollestrup performed surgery on a mother and daughter suffering from peripheral nerve pain caused by peripheral nerve compression. They had different problems but enjoyed the same successful outcome after nerve surgery with Dr. Tollestrup.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup operated on a mother and then her daughter. Dr. Tollestrup decompressed nerves, eliminated their pain.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup performed nerve decompression surgery on Nancy and then her daughter Jennifer. Thanks to Dr. Tollestrup, mother and daughter can resume their lives without the burden of chronic pain.*

Mom Nancy was suffering from terrible pain in her lower extremities. Nancy has hypothyroidism which is a risk factor for developing nerve compression syndromes.  She also has a history of back surgery.

Last year she got out of bed and noticed that she was “walking funny”.  She also had a tingling sensation in the bottom of the left foot including the toes.  Next she started to experience severe pain  in her thigh radiating down into her calf and then into the bottom of the foot.  Nancy, who lives in Kanab, went to the emergency room in St. George, Utah, where they informed her that she had a “foot drop”.  An MRI of the lumbar spine done in the ER was negative for any evidence of compression or entrapment of the spinal cord or nerve roots at the spine level.

Since that time, Nancy has seen several different doctors but no one has been able to diagnose the source of her problem. Nancy started experiencing the same type of pain in the right leg as she was in the left.  The pain would radiate as far down as the back of the calf muscle. Laying down and sitting made the pain in her legs worse.  The pain in the left leg was almost constant and the pain in the right leg would come and go.

When Dr. Tollestrup examined her, Nancy showed classic signs of a complex nerve compression syndrome involving both legs and weakness in all the muscles innervated by the sciatic nerves in both the left and right legs.

Dr. Tollestrup performed a series of three surgical procedures to relieve the pressure on her nerves.  Nancy is now pain free in both legs and feet and has regained the strength and sensation that was starting to make it difficult to walk. Her burden of chronic pain is gone. Look at her smile!

After listening to Dr. Tollestrup talk about peripheral nerve problems and chronic pain, a light bulb went off for Nancy’s daughter Jenifer. She had been battling severe chronic pain in the right arm for a long time. She had a history of bilateral carpal tunnel releases and bilateral ulnar nerve decompressions at the elbow level.

After seeing how her mother responded to her first surgery, Jennifer sought treatment from Dr. Tollestrup, who diagnosed Jennifer with right radial tunnel syndrome in addition to moderate right tennis elbow.  Radial tunnel syndrome is a condition where the radial nerve which innervates the muscles in the back of the forearm that allow a person to extend the wrist and fingers, and also gives sensation to much of the back of the hand as well as the thumb index and middle fingers, becomes pinched at the level of the elbow area.

Jennifer underwent nerve decompression surgery to relieve the pressure on the radial nerve in the right arm.  This provided her with almost immediate relief from most of the severe pain in the outside of her right elbow along with the radiating pain down the back of her forearm.  Although she still has issues with tennis elbow, her clinical picture now fit the classical presentation and she is seeing a regular hand surgeon who is effectively treating her for the condition.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup helped this mother and daughter regain their lives. He can help you too. If you suffer from chronic pain, call the office at 702.666.0463


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