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Dr. Tollestrup and Patients from the Middle East

How do patients in the Middle East get help for nerve pain that has gone undiagnosed?

Although it is a lengthy process, patients do travel to see Dr. Tollestrup in Nevada from the Middle East.
In this video he answers a question about doctors in the Middle East who perform pain-focused peripheral nerve surgery for hip and back pain.
He also addresses the possibility of setting up a Tim Tollestrup MD Pain-focused Peripheral Nerve Surgery Center in the Middle East.

“Can you recommend any specialist for hip related pain and lower back pain that usually goes undiagnosed any of these countries – Dubai, Jordan, India, and Lebanon?

Unfortunately it’s really quite tragic but there is nobody else in any of those countries that does this kind of surgery. I have had patients come and see me from the Middle East. I know that it’s quite a difficult process but unfortunately there’s nobody in these other countries

that do it. I sort of contemplated maybe going and setting up a center in the Middle East somewhere where patients from those countries could come and travel to but as of yet I haven’t done it.”

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