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Unexplained Back Pain Treatment

Unexplained Back Pain Treatment | Lower Back Pain Relief

What is Unexplained Back Pain?

Millions of people across the US are living with back pain every day. It can be so unbearable that it affects your daily activities and makes you dependent on others. It’s hard to think about how often you use your back for many important movements that can potentially hurt you (standing, sitting, walking, laughing, breathing, etc.)

Nearly 50% of people will experience back pain in their lifetime. And it’s the number one cause of disability worldwide.

Back pain symptoms may include trouble sleeping, stiffness, shooting pain, numbness & tingling sensation in one or both legs.

What symptoms associated with back pain should prompt you to see a doctor?

You should see a doctor when there’s:
Medications, bed rest, injections, PT, massage, and heat/cold packs can give a temporary fix.

Back surgery may provide a better result. But studies show that up to 40% of people saw their back pain return after surgery. This is known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

What is the treatment for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)?

FBSS is the pain that may originate after surgery or an existing pain triggered by surgery. It may occur immediately or months after your procedure.

Now here’s the thing:

Without a clear understanding of the source of the pain, back surgery is likely to fail. Most spine surgeons make treatment decisions based on MRI imaging alone. They rarely consider the role of peripheral nerve pathology.

However, your back pain symptoms may be from nerve compression involving peripheral nerves. The failure to differentiate between a spine problem and a peripheral nerve problem can lead to FBSS. Identifying nerve problems and treating them correctly can often resolve FBSS symptoms.

With over 21 years of experience, we can help you get out of pain and live a life you deserve again!


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