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Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Treatment

Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Neuropathy

What are Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Problems?

The posterior femoral cutaneous nerve is a sensory nerve that provides sensitivity to the backside of the thigh, leg, buttock, and perineum. Problems with this nerve can lead to chronic pain. It is an under-recognized cause of posterior thigh and buttocks pain.

Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment symptoms may include dull, achy pain and discomfort when you sit. Some patients experience a loss of sensation and movement in the legs.

You may also notice numbness and tingling in your tailbone and upper hamstring areas, which is why it’s mistaken for sciatica or a high hamstring injury.

Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve pain causes include injury or prolonged pressure on the nerve and damage from disease.

Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Pain Treatment

Many patients waste months on treatments such as injections or physical therapy. But the truth is that no amount of conservative physical therapy or other treatments can help if the nerve becomes entrapped in scar tissue or compressed by external forces.

Surgery is usually the only way to get permanent relief. It can help relieve the pressure on the nerve or disconnect the damaged nerve and put the proximal end of the nerve where it won’t cause further pain.

Dr. Tollestrup can fix the damage with Peripheral Nerve Surgery. We can find and disconnect all the problem areas.

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