Ask Dr. Tollestrup: Chest and Abdominal Pain Problems

In this segment of Ask Dr. Tollestrup, he answers questions relating to Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment (ACNES) and pain in the chest and abdominal wall. The good news is that nerve damage in these areas can almost always be effectively eliminated with peripheral nerve surgery. Learn more and contact Dr. Tollestrup if you are suffering from unexplained nerve pain

“The first one says does Dr T have experience with upper abdominal nerve issues due to comminuted xiphoid fracture? I am suffering so greatly and that’s from Melinda.

Right lower quadrant abdominal pain. What is the best diagnostic for this? I am not sure if its Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment (ACNES) or I damaged the nerve from habitual hand pressure.

Both questions address nerve injuries in the thoracic spine or the upper lumbar spine. Many things can cause damage to these nerves.


You can figure out which nerves are damaged by doing diagnostic blocks. In the operating room, I can surgically disconnect those nerves. There’s a specific way you can treat the nerve to prevent a painful neuroma from forming.

Good News

In both cases, whether somebody’s dealing with an anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome or someone has damage because of a laparoscopic procedure or blunt trauma to the chest causing a fracture of the sternum or xiphoid,  that can be dealt with.”


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