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Nerve Decompression Surgery Heals Foot Pain

Foot Pain Healed Through Nerve Surgery

Dr. Tollestrup performed nerve surgery on Deb to help relieve her of chronic foot pain.

Deb suffered from foot pain until she met Dr. Tollestrup. After nerve decompression surgery she can now walk normally with no pain.

Deborah came to see Dr. Tim Tollestrup because of her severe foot pain. The symptoms started about a year before she came to see him. Several months prior to the onset of her symptoms, she suffered a serious slip-and-fall injury where she slipped on an orange peel on the floor with her right leg shooting out laterally and then falling hard on both knees. The pain in her knees resolved in a normal manner and she thought she was all better until the problem with the right foot started. Deborah’s symptoms involved the whole front half of the foot including the toes, top and bottom.

As time went on, the pain and numbness in the right foot became more and more severe. Deborah saw two different orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons and two different podiatrists, none of whom could identify the source of the pain in the right foot. Finally, the last podiatrist she saw told her that he thought she might have a nerve problem and recommended that she “go see Dr. Tollestrup.”

After examining Deborah, it became apparent that she was suffering from a complex series of nerve compressions in the right lower leg and foot. She underwent two separate surgical procedures to relieve the pressure on her pinched nerves. She is now completely pain free in the right foot and has had resolution of the numbness in her foot as well.

To say Deborah is happy is an understatement! This is what she had to say one week after surgery with Dr. Tollestrup.

“It is absolutely amazing to feel my foot again and walk normally. You never realize how bad it is until you are healed.”*

If you suffer from chronic foot pain, please call Dr. Tim Tollestrup. He can help. Our office number is 702-666-0463.


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