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Dr. Tollestrup Heals Patient with Nerve Compression and Piriformis Syndrome

Two Piriformis Muscles Cause Sciatica Pain

Dr. Tim then operated on the removal of the piriformis muscles and I am now 100% pain free.

Dr. Tim then operated on the removal of the piriformis muscles and I am now 100% pain free.*

Cindy suffered from nerve compression and piriformis syndrome. She was in constant pain but found relief through two surgeries by Dr. Tollestrup. She is sharing her story in hopes of reaching other people still in pain.

“My problems all began when I slipped and fell in January 2016. Although I had a couple of bruises and was sore from the fall nothing was broken and I was back to normal within a week.

Six months later I felt an awful pain from the center of my back which traveled all the way to my right ankle. I couldn’t stand up straight nor could I put any weight on my right leg. It didn’t get any better so my husband took me over to the ER. They took x-rays which showed no problems with my back but they were pretty sure it was a sciatic nerve pull. They gave me a shot of something and told me to call our family doctor if the pain persisted.

Three days later I was at the point I could walk maybe three steps at a time and then had to sit down because of the excruciating pain in my back and right leg. We saw our family doctor, an orthopedic doctor and even went to a chiropractor who after five visits said he couldn’t do anything more for me. Everyone was saying it was a sciatic nerve problem and it would get better in a few days. It was getting to the point where I was barely able to walk and wasn’t leaving the house at all.

We came across another orthopedic doctor who sent me for MRI’s on my lower back, right hip and right knee. The doctor said I had a sciatic nerve problem and suggested I wear a back brace and go to physical therapy. I was going to therapy 3 times a week and then doing exercises at home on the days I didn’t have therapy.

This orthopedic doctor suggested I see Dr. Tim. I went to see Dr. Tim who did diagnose my problem as being peripheral nerve damage and he operated on my leg in January of this year.

But unfortunately, the pain in my back to my right hip came back with a vengeance so after a piriformis muscle injection which verified the muscle (I had two piriformis muscles whereas most people have only one) was wrapped around and pinching the sciatic nerve.

Dr. Tim then operated on the removal of the piriformis muscles and I am now 100% pain free.

I realize this is a little long but I wanted to mention what lead up to my first appointment with Dr. Tim and how his expertise and knowledge has given me a second chance of living a normal life again.

I think of Dr. Tim every time I sit down without any pain. Thank you, Dr. Tim!!”


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