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Superior Cluneal Nerve Treatment

Superior Cluneal Nerve Entrapment | Lower Back Pain Treatment

What are Superior Cluneal Nerve Problems?

The superior cluneal nerve is the sensory nerve that provides sensitivity to the skin of the upper part of the buttocks. These nerves travel through tight tunnels and can be entrapped.

If you experience superior cluneal nerve entrapment, you will feel pain in your lower back and a burning sensation in the upper buttock. The pain is usually lateral (to the side) and may worsen when you engage in daily activities.

You may also experience a tingling sensation or leg pain that may radiate into your buttocks or hip. The pain makes walking difficult, and lying on your back may intensify the pain, making it impossible to sleep.

Superior cluneal nerve entrapment is the source of up to 14% of low back pain. It’s often misdiagnosed, which results in ongoing pain and discomfort plus frustration from failed treatments.

Superior Cluneal Nerve Pain Treatment

Due to incorrect diagnoses, many patients undergo several treatments without relief. Unfortunately, the pain also does not respond to facet blocks. Also, spine surgery for low back pain caused by superior cluneal nerve entrapment will have no effect or worsen your pain.

For lasting relief, it requires surgical management. To alleviate the pain and burning sensation, we’ll remove the excess branches of the nerves.

Dr. Tollestrup can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and lasting relief from unresolved low back pain. 

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