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Piriformis Syndrome Pain Gone Immediately After Surgery

By July 26, 2020June 10th, 2021Piriformis Syndrome, Success Stories

“I would fall, trip and stumble when I walked. I had canes and crutches. Life was miserable.”

This was Frank’s situation before Piriformis Syndrome surgery with Dr. Tollestrup to remove his piriformis muscle. Frank felt better immediately after surgery and last week he went on a 15 mile bike ride in Northern Idaho. Watch his journey back to health and happiness.

Full Transcript:

In 2012, I started getting sciatic pain down my left leg. Walking was especially painful. And after a few years, I couldn’t walk around the block before the pain in my left leg was so bad. I couldn’t continue.

His pain went from bad to worse and started affecting all aspects of motor movement.

In December of 2015, while changing a tire, I felt a pain in my hip and back, I immediately noticed that I had drop foot and could not move my foot or toes. I also started having uncontrollable shaking in my right hand and body in general. I would fall, trip, stumble when I walked. At times, I had crutches, canes, and walkers. Life was miserable.”

Desperate for relief, he looked for a doctor who could help.

“I saw over eight different doctors, neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and others. The appointments all ended with the same confused look on the doctor’s face. An offer for pain killers and no solution to my problems.”

Luckily, his wife Robin had successful surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup, a Peripheral Nerve Surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada. Frank followed Robin and made an appointment to see Dr. Tollestrup himself.

“During my initial appointment with Dr. Tollestrup, he too was amazed by my symptoms. So sitting in this position, if I try to wiggle my toes, I can’t do it. I try to lift my foot, I can’t do it. But after the most extensive and thorough examination, I had ever had, he said, I think I can help you. And I wouldn’t be surprised that immediately after your surgery, you will regain movement.”

Dr. Tollestrup concluded that Frank had an unusual presentation of Piriformis Syndrome. He had two piriformis muscles instead of one on the left side. Dr. Tollestrup removed Frank’s piriformis muscles and decompressed the sciatic nerve. It is a procedure he developed and has done successfully on patients from around the world.

“When I woke for my surgery, I immediately looked at my foot and leg and tested them. All movement had indeed returned. And best of all, the chronic pain was gone. It was one of the happiest days of my life.”

Watch how Frank’s movement looks before surgery vs. after surgery.

“So before my surgery I was unable to lift my knee like this or extend my leg like this or my foot when I was in this position. And when I stand up. I have full movement no matter what position it’s in.”

Frank is back to enjoying all the activities he loves.

“I cannot thank Dr. Tollestrup enough. He returned me to the life I love and I will never forget what he did for me. Thank you, Dr. Tollestrup.”