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Nerve Surgery Helps with Pain Relief

The team at Dr. Tim Tollestrup’s office is always grateful for the opportunity to help our patients resolve nerve pain issues with the right nerve surgery procedure. We are also grateful when patients we help let us know how they’re doing so we can share these stories with others looking for hope in their efforts to find long-term solutions for pain.

We appreciate Diane Davis for sharing her story:

nevada nerve surgery

Diane, awaiting nerve surgery.*

“My name is Diane Davis, I’m 51 years old, and have been suffering from nerve pain for over 20 years. I first noticed my pain while working full-time as a retail store manager after I got married. The pain is best described as a sharp radiating pain similar to what you experience when you hit your elbow’s funny bone. Unfortunately, my pain lasted anywhere from one day to several. I never played sports, never had any major trauma to my body, so the reason for my pain was always unknown. The pain has always been in two main areas: under my shoulder blades, extending out the back of both arms and ending at the funny bones; also starting at my upper hips, down my buttocks, and down the back of both legs ending at the back of both knees.

I thought prolonged standing, and lifting heavy boxes while at work caused my nerve pain. But I found that the same pain, in the same places, continued even after I changed jobs and eventually quit working to stay home after my two children were born. When my kids were about 2 and 4 years old, I could not continue to just live with the pain any longer. I started my long and frustrating journey of going to doctor after doctor in search of the cause and cure. Over the next 15 years, I had blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, nuclear bone scans, EMGs, injections, medications, physical therapy and even mental health assessments and nothing helped, nor fixed the problem. I was beginning to think there was no hope for me.

nevada nerve pain

Diane, on the road to recovery from nerve pain*

Thankfully, last year my husband read an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about and his peripheral nerve surgeries that helped people with pain like mine. My husband and I agreed that this sounded like the solution I had been hoping for. Because of the news article, many other pain sufferers also flocked to Dr. Tollestrup’s office and I had to wait almost two months for an appointment. But it was all worth it because he understood exactly what I was going through and knew how to fix my pain. I had my first surgery in June 2015, my second in September and third in November. The brachial plexus nerve decompression surgery alleviated the shooting pain down my arm, and the lumbosacral nerve decompression surgery on both buttocks, relieved my sciatic pain. Recovery was easy and the scars are barely noticeable.

Diane, healing and on her way to no nerve pain!

Diane, healing and on her way to no nerve pain!*

I’d always heard that surgery should be the last resort to solve pain problems, but after all I had gone through with no relief, I am truly grateful that I finally found Dr. Tollestrup and his expertise in this area of pain relief. I am now almost a full year pain free thanks to him. His office staff is very professional and friendly and I’ve never had to wait in a crowded office. I was always seen by my appointment time. I would recommend Dr. Tollestrup to anyone suffering from nerve pain.”

– Diane Davis


We do not guarantee any specific results or outcomes for surgery, should our practice work on your behalf. Information on this website may be used as a reference for successes we’ve achieved for our patients, and not as an assurance or guarantee for similar results in all instances.