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Nerve Surgery by Dr. Tim Tollestrup Makes a Difference

Dr. Tim Tollestrup sees and operates on many different types of patients with peripheral nerve pain. One common problem he addresses is when a patient has lingering pain after an injury or accident. Joan fits in this category. Here is her story.

nerve surgery.

Dr. Tollestrup helped Joan become pain-free after shoulder surgery.

Joan tripped on a curb this summer. Her fall resulted in her face and shoulder hitting a wall, which left her with a serious injury to her shoulder. She had a procedure with another surgeon to take care of her injured shoulder, which required a shoulder replacement, and she was doing well in recovery from that injury.

Related to the injury; however, was nerve damage that necessitated a collaboration between the surgeon, Dr. Woodworth who helped Joan with her shoulder, and Dr. Tollestrup, who was brought in to address lingering pain from nerve damage.

The nerve damage resulted in painful tingling and a burning sensation in her left thigh. This injury offers an unfortunate example of how an injury to one part of the body can result in pain in a different part of the body. This interconnecting of injuries, and the desire to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to treatment, is why peripheral nerve surgeons like Dr. Tollestrup are brought in to ensure patients make more complete recoveries.

When he was brought in to help Joan, Dr. Tollestrup diagnosed a stretch-traction injury of the left lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. His surgical treatment disconnected the injured nerve, providing immediate relief of Joan’s thigh pain.

Now look at her – smiling like a person released from a life of pain and resuming her active life.

Thank you Joan for allowing us to share your story!