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See how we’ve helped change the lives of some of our patients with Chronic Pain After Surgery/Trauma. Click on the links for the posts below to hear their stories:

Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
July 19, 2019

Pain After Toe Amputation Resolved with Nerve Surgery

For decades, Shelby suffered through unsuccessful surgeries and finally a toe amputation. Doctors continued to believe the pain stemmed from a musculoskeletal problem. Finally she found a doctor who didn't…
nerve pain surgeryChronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
May 8, 2019

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Helps Patient Overcome 11 Years of Chronic Pain

Denervation surgery saved Ronald after a decade of chronic pain. Ronald injured his left side in a watercraft accident on patrol in his job as a Deputy Sheriff. He shattered…
leg pain surgeryChronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
January 14, 2019

Former Athlete Finds Relief from Leg and Foot Pain

As an ex-athlete, Willie thought he could ignore the stabbing leg and foot pain. But he couldn't sleep at night and was irritable and unproductive during the day. He knew…
nerve surgery pain freeChronic Pain After Surgery/Trauma
January 14, 2019

Back to Square Dancing Thanks to Nerve Surgery

Susan saw more than a dozen doctors to get relief for her leg pain. No one could solve her pain problem. Luckily she never gave up the hope of finding…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/Trauma
December 10, 2018

Nerve Pain After Knee Surgery Relieved

Dr. Tollestrup Helps Patient Referred by Daughter Robert had terrible pain and cramping in his calf after knee surgery. Very often the trauma of an orthopedic surgery can cause nerve…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/Trauma
December 10, 2018

Post Surgical Hernia Pain Gone

Nerve Surgery to Help with Hernia Pain is Possible Vincent was in constant pain after Hernia Surgery. He was constantly taking medication and using gel packs. Dr. Tollestrup surgically disconnected…
Chronic Pain After SurgeryChronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaEducational VideosSuccess Stories
March 1, 2017

Nerve Decompression Surgery Heals Foot Pain

Foot Pain Healed Through Nerve Surgery Deb suffered from foot pain until she met Dr. Tollestrup. After nerve decompression surgery she can now walk normally with no pain. Deborah came…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
January 20, 2017

Dr. Tollestrup Helps Soccer Player With Chronic Pain Post Surgery

Tollestrup Offers Options For Chronic Pain Post Surgery Dr. Tim Tollestrup often treats patients suffering from persistent chronic pain post surgery. After the initial injury heals, the pain remains for…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
January 4, 2017

Nerve Decompression Surgery Helps Injured Flight Attendant

Dr. Tollestrup and Melissa, who benefited from nerve decompression surgery. The following is a story about a patient, Melissa. Thanks to nerve decompression surgeries by Dr. Tim Tollestrup, Melissa's quality of…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
December 26, 2016

Nerve Surgery Helps Vet Live Better Life

Successful Nerve Surgery Helps Injured Veteran Get a Second Chance at Life* Peripheral nerve surgery helps injured veteran Frank get his life back. Watch the incredibly inspiring story of Frank…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
December 20, 2016

Nerve Surgery Gets Patient Back on Feet After Accident

Dr. Tollestrup Surgeries Get Randy Back to Work* Successful nerve surgery helped Randy get back to the job he loves. When randy suffered an injury driving a fork lift, his leg…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/TraumaSuccess Stories
December 2, 2016

Chronic Nerve Pain Success Story after Surgery

Chronic Nerve Pain Success Story - Meet Linda  Linda's journey to overcome chronic nerve pain is off to a successful start with surgery performed by Dr. Tollestrup* Dr. Tim Tollestrup…
Chronic Pain After Surgery/Trauma
November 17, 2016

Dr. Tim Tollestrup Helps Patient With Shoulder Injury Become Pain Free

Nerve Surgery by Dr. Tim Tollestrup Makes a Difference Dr. Tim Tollestrup sees and operates on many different types of patients with peripheral nerve pain. One common problem he addresses is…

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