Dr. Tim Tollestrup In His Own Words

Nevada’s Peripheral Nerve Surgeon

Tim Tollestrup, MD Nevada nerve surgeon

Tim Tollestrup, MD helps patients in Nevada with nerve surgery that provides long-term solutions.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup is a surgeon based in Southern Nevada that helps patients resolve nerve issues that often have been misdiagnosed or considered untreatable.

Nerve surgery procedures done by the Tollestrup team can provide permanent relief and long-term solutions to a myriad of chronic pain problems, previously considered to be untreatable. These procedures have led patients to call him a “life saver” and a “quality of life saver.”

This specialized field of peripheral nerve surgery is the missing piece in the chronic pain puzzle and unknown to 99.9% of medical professionals that do not possess a detailed knowledge of peripheral nerve anatomy or have any specialized, comprehensive training in recognizing, diagnosing, or treating these kinds of complex pain problems.

The efforts, and accompanying results for patients that have been helped by Dr. Tollestrup are best summed up by those he’s helped overcome pain and quality of life issues through peripheral nerve surgery. Learn more about Dr. Tollestrup by reading his biography.

Patient Success Stories

“We can’t begin to express our gratitude for the blessing of Dr. Tim in our lives. My husband was at the end of the road, ready to shoot his own leg off to be done with it (or worse). Years of debilitating pain after a motorcycle accident that severed his sciatica had us left with below knee amputation as an only option. Still suffering, we gave Dr. T cart blanch to “experiment” and we all learned and experienced truly amazing advancements in the science with miraculous results. Though Rob still suffers pain, he has been given his LIFE back and can manage with what he’s got now. The very best thing is being LISTENED to, and not treated like chronic pain is anything other than REAL.” – Darcy

“While I no longer live in the Las Vegas area, I was well pleased with the services I received in late 2014. I had chronic pain in my left leg, and Dr Tollestrup figured out the problem (needed to replace my left hip) by submitting myself to a while-body bone scan. The scan showed “heat” (actually an area of radiation from the procedure) at my hip. Unfortunately, I needed to move directly after the test, or I’m pretty sure I would have used Dr. Tollestrup for the replacement surgery. I highly recommend Dr Tim.” – William

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