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Nerve Pain Resolved Thanks to Surgery with Dr. Tim Tollestrup

Jodee is grateful to have found Dr. Tollestrup who disconnected nerves in her foot to get rid of the pain.

Jodee is grateful to have found Dr. Tollestrup who disconnected nerves in her foot to get rid of the pain.*

Jodee is a young patient of Dr. Tim Tollestrup. She is sharing her story to reach others who are suffering from nerve pain.

Jodee suffered an accident back in 2012 when a 300 pound food cart crushed her left foot.  She sustained multiple peripheral nerve injuries at that time and underwent successful surgical treatment with very good resolution of her symptoms.

Over two years later, Jodee started to experience aching and burning pain over the top of the left foot. This type of pain usually indicates nerve pain. The pain was exacerbated by wearing any type of snug fitting shoe which would rub the top of the left foot. This was a problem for her because the type of shoes that she had to wear at work were quite snug. Jodee’s pain would worsen throughout the day.

Upon examining Jodee, Dr. Tollestrup realized that her nerve pain involved one of the nerves which had not been disconnected originally, the saphenous nerve. He then ordered nerve block for this nerve and the pain went away for several hours confirming the saphenous nerve as the source of her foot pain.

Dr. Tollestrup took Jodee into the operating room and performed a surgical procedure disconnecting the saphenous nerve. This was very successful and Jodee is now back to work, full duty, without any pain in her left foot.

Here is what Jodee had to say about Dr. Tollestrup and her experience with him.

“Dr. Tollestrup saved me from so many problems and helped me keep my job. I am now pain free and grateful to have found him.”


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