Foot Pain and Sciatica Pain Gone Thanks to Nerve Surgery

Dr. Tollestrup decompressed nerves to heal foot pain and removed Luanne's piriformis muscle to heal sciatica pain.

Luanne is walking briskly again thanks to nerve surgery.*

Luanne’s active lifestyle was severely compromised by constant, debilitating foot pain in her right foot and intermittent right side sciatica pain.

She was originally diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and then heel spurs, but treatments for both conditions did not give her any relief from her pain.  Over time the foot pain became progressively worse until she finally sought help from Dr. Tim Tollestrup.

When meeting with Dr. Tim Tollestrup, Luanne describes the pain in the right foot as involving the entire bottom of the foot. The worst pain is a sharp, stabbing pain in the heel. The rest of the pain over the plantar surface of the foot is characterized as a “pricking pain” which is not as severe as the heel pain. The symptoms on the bottom of the foot are constant and exacerbated by any kind of weight bearing.

Luanne also shared with Dr. Tollestrup her long history of intermittent sciatica pain in the right buttock and thigh which usually radiates down her leg. When the pain is bad, it can radiate all the way down to the ankle.

After an extensive physical examination, Dr. Tollestrup determined she had right piriformis syndrome with compression of the sciatic nerve which was the source of the sciatica pain. She also had additional nerve compressions in the right leg, most severe in the calf and ankle area which were causing the severe pain in the bottom of the foot.

In surgery, Dr. Tollestrup decompressed all three areas.

Seven weeks later, Luanne returned to Dr. Tollestrup’s office for her post-op visit. She said that all of the pain in her right leg is completely gone. Before the surgeries, she was noticeably hobbled. But now when she walks around her neighborhood, her friends comment that they are glad to see she has her brisk stride back.


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