Nerve Surgery for Radial Tunnel Syndrome in Henderson & Las Vegas, NV

Radial Tunnel Syndrome can cause issues with hand strength, and often nerve surgery is an option that may be best suited to help address the problem over the long-term and can be discussed with Dr. Tim Tollestrup and his team.

What is Radial Tunnel Syndrome

From US National Laboratory of Medicine/National Institutes of Health: Radial tunnel syndrome is a disease which we should consider it in elbow and forearm pains. It is diagnosed with lateral elbow and dorsal forearm pain may radiate to the wrist and dorsum of the fingers.

The disease is more prevalent in women with the age of 30 to 50 years old. It occurs by intermittent compression on the radial nerve from the radial head to the inferior border of the supinator muscle, without obvious extensor muscle weakness. Compression could happen in five different sites but the arcade of Frose is the most common area that radial nerve is compressed.

To diagnosis radial tunnel syndrome, clinical examination is more important than paraclinic tests such as electrodiagnsic test and imaging studies. The exact site of the pain which can more specified by rule of nine test and weakness of the third finger and wrist extension are valuable physical exams to diagnosis. MRI studies my show muscle edema or atrophy along the distribution of the posterior interosseous nerve.

Never Surgery for Radial Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Tim Tollestrup and his team may advise a nerve surgery approach to help with Radial Tunnel Syndrome. We recommend you book and appointment to fully assess your options.