Nerve Surgery for Lateral Femoral Nerve in Henderson & Las Vegas, NV

The lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh is sometimes compressed as it passes under the inguinal ligament or occasionally where it pierces the fascia lata and may cause pain in the lateral aspect of the thigh. When these issues affect the Lateral Femoral Nerve, surgery may be the best option for relief, which can be discussed when you meet with Dr. Tim Tollestrup and his team.

What is the Lateral Femoral Nerve

From The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, also known as the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh, is a sensory branch of the lumbar plexus arising from the posterior divisions of the anterior rami of L2 and L3 spinal nerves. The nerve supplies the skin on the anterior and lateral aspects of the thigh to the level of the knee.

Nerve Surgery Options

Dr. Tim Tollestrup and his team may advise a nerve surgery approach to help with issues related to your Lateral Femoral Nerve. We recommend you book and appointment to fully assess your options.