Nerve Surgery for Pain Relief

Dr. Tim Tollestrup is a pioneer, with his efforts to push the envelope in developing a new form of surgery and a radically new treatment option for people suffering from chronic pain that’s made him one of only four surgeons in the world who exclusively focus on chronic pain-related peripheral nerve injuries.

Nerve surgery procedures performed by the Tollestrup team may provide permanent relief and long-term solutions to a myriad of chronic pain problems, previously considered to be untreatable.

This specialized field of peripheral nerve surgery is the missing piece of the chronic pain puzzle and remains unknown to 99.9% of medical professionals. The primary reason for this is that doctors are not trained to have a detailed understanding of complex peripheral nerve anatomy, nor do they receive any specialized, comprehensive training in recognizing, diagnosing, or treating these kinds of complex peripheral nerve problems.

A detailed, comprehensive understanding of peripheral nerve anatomy is the Rosetta Stone for understanding chronic pain, and can help patients who fall into these four broad categories:

  • Patients who develop chronic pain (pain lasting more than 6 months) after any type of surgical procedure or traumatic injury once the original problem has been addressed.
  • Patients who develop symptoms including numbness, tingling, pins/needles, electrical shock sensations, severe burning pain, focal muscle weakness (i.e. foot drop) and many other strange painful or “weird” sensations that may be difficult to describe.
  • Patients who continue to experience chronic pain, sensory loss, or weakness in an arm or leg after undergoing spine surgery (peripheral nerve problems often coexist with spine problems).
  • Patients who develop severe, chronic pain without a history of prior surgery or traumatic injury that no other doctors have been able to diagnose or treat successfully, including neuropathy pain.

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