Patient Stories

See how we’ve helped change the lives of some of our patients.  Click on the links on the patient’s names below to read their stories:

Patient Success Stories

  1. *Corrine’s Incredible Story – How Dr. Tollestrup Created a Surgery to Heal Her Damaged Hand

  2. Wanda’s Story – After knee replacement surgery failed, nerve surgery finally helped Wanda get back on her feet

  3. Deborah’s Story – Choir Teacher Enjoying Walks on the Beach after Sciatica Surgery

  4. Kathy’s Story – A Tragic Tale of Unnecessary Knee Replacement and Amputation

  5. Marilyn’s Story – Complex Peripheral Nerve Surgery Solves Chronic Pain Problem

  6. *Barry’s Story – Low Back Pain Gone After Two Innovative Surgeries by Dr. Tollestrup

  7. *Christine’s Story – Sciatica Pain Gone After Unusual Discovery By Dr. Tollestrup

  8. *Sharon’s Story – No More Pain After Surgery to Remove Piriformis Muscle

  9. *Deborah’s Story – Choir Teacher’s Sciatica Pain Gone After Piriformis Syndrome Surgery

  10. *Stephanie’s Story – Overcoming Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  11. *Raymond’s Story – Nerve Decompression Surgery Helps Patient Get Off Pain Medication

  12. *Maria’s Story  – Carpal Tunnel Release and Denervation Surgery Helps Patient Get Back Grip

  13. *Jason’s Story – How Jason Beat CRPS Through Nerve Decompression Surgery

  14. *Frederick’s Story – Sciatica Pain Gone

  15. Thomas’s Story – Six Failed Back Surgeries

  16. *Susan’s Story – Nerve Graft Prevents Painful Neuroma after Successful Surgery

  17. *Susan’s Story – Piriformis Syndrome Healed by Removing Piriformis Muscle

  18. *Jodee’s Story – Foot Pain Resolves After Denervation Surgery

  19. *Barbara  – Peripheral Neuropathy Pain 80% Better After Surgery

  20. *Luanne’s Story – Foot and Sciatica Pain Fixed in One Surgery

  21. *Quincy’s Story – Chronic Knee Pain Gone Through Denervation Surgery

  22. *Mark’s Story – Pain after Knee Replacement Surgery

  23. *Robert – Persistent Pain After Spine Surgery

  24. *Michael – Migraine Headaches

  25. *Mother-Daughter Success Story – Nerve Decompression Surgery

  26. *Tina – Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  27. *Gail – Failed Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

  28. *Shelly’s Story – Failed Spine Surgery then Nerve Surgery Success

  29. *Samantha – Chronic Pain after Trauma or Surgery

  30. *Diane Davis – Piriformis Syndrome

  31. *Ronald’s Story – Failed Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

  32. *Cindy Z – Piriformis Syndrome and Nerve Compression

  33. *Suzanna Prahl – Piriformis Syndrome

  34. *Marshal – Nerve Compression Syndrome (Foot Drop)

  35. *Jose – Piriformis Syndrome

  36. *Tom – Piriformis Syndrome

  37. *James – Peripheral Neuropathy

  38. *April – Peripheral Neuropathy

  39. *Randy – Chronic Pain after Trauma or Surgery

  40. *Frank – Chronic Pain after Trauma or Surgery

  41. *Melissa – Chronic Pain after Trauma or Surgery

  42. *Linda – Chronic Pain after Trauma or Surgery

  43. *Deb – Chronic Pain after Trauma

  44. *Edward’s Story – Foot Drop

  45. *Stephanie’s Story – Sciatica Pain Gone

“We can’t begin to express our gratitude for the blessing of Dr. Tim in our lives. My husband was at the end of the road, ready to shoot his own leg off to be done with it (or worse). Years of debilitating pain after a motorcycle accident that severed his sciatica had us left with below knee amputation as an only option. Still suffering, we gave Dr. T cart blanch to “experiment” and we all learned and experienced truly amazing advancements in the science with miraculous results. Though Rob still suffers pain, he has been given his LIFE back and can manage with what he’s got now. The very best thing is being LISTENED to, and not treated like chronic pain is anything other than REAL.” – Darcy*

“While I no longer live in the Las Vegas area, I was well pleased with the services I received in late 2014. I had chronic pain in my left leg, and Dr Tollestrup figured out the problem (needed to replace my left hip) by submitting myself to a while-body bone scan. The scan showed “heat” (actually an area of radiation from the procedure) at my hip. Unfortunately, I needed to move directly after the test, or I’m pretty sure I would have used Dr. Tollestrup for the replacement surgery. I highly recommend Dr Tim.” – William*

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Referring Physician Success Stories

We’re very proud of our efforts working in collaboration with other physicians. We’ll share stories of successes in this area.

*Joan – Chronic Pain after Trauma or Surgery

Video Testimonials

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